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Correction: This is the 'Same Old Jets'

By Tyson Rauch

Coming into the game against the Buffalo Bills the New York Jets were losers of two in a row, a team searching for its identity. After an embarrassing 16-13 overtime loss to the Bills the identity for Gang Green has been found, it is the “Same Old Jets.” I understand that I waxed poetic last week about how this is a new team, with a new leader, but I apologize for my short mental lapse. This is a New York Jets team that lacks leadership, discipline and a coaching staff that understands how to get the most out their players. Lets take a look back at a vintage “Same Old Jets” performance.

Once again the Jets game plan and play calling was baffling on the offensive side of the ball. While the Jets were effective running the ball, spearheaded by Thomas Jones and his record 210 yards, the offense failed to establish any type of rhythm. The passing game was never developed with short slant or screen passes, always relying on rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez to push the ball down the field. Sanchez struggled under these circumstance throwing five interceptions along with any chance of winning the game. The Jets coaching staff needs to understand how to work a young quarterback into a game plan and not treat him like a 10- year veteran. It was clearly evident the kid was struggling and the coaching staff did him no favors.

With a receiving unit decimated by injuries why not use Leon Washington with passes out of the backfield? How about running quick slants to Braylon Edwards? And what ever happened to getting tight end Dustin Keller involved the game plan? While Sanchez did play terrible the same questions are being asked about the game plan every week.

While the Jets defense did hold the Bills to only 16 points, it was another lackluster effort. Gang Green knocked out quarterback Trent Edwards early in the second quarter and then proceeded to allow backup Ryan Fitzpatrick to make them look like fools. Missed tackles, blown coverages, ineffective pass rush, the New York Jets defense brought it all to the table. And to make matters worse, Kris Jenkins arguably the most important cog on the Jets defense, left the game with a potential season ending ACL injury.

Clearly the league has caught on to Rex’s defensive play calling, can the Jets not make adjustments?

This was a pathetic performance by a Jets team that clearly thinks too much of itself. The arrogant, brash style of Rex Ryan is now making the Jets look like bumbling idiots, as they clearly cannot back up their continuous trash talking. In the game against the Bills Rex Ryan acted like a rookie head coach, wasting timeouts, mismanaging the clock, while watching his team rack up 14 penalties. Ryan’s team did not play with any type of continued intensity, lacked discipline on both sides of the ball and retreated when it came to making plays to win the game. This was a performance reminiscent of the Herman Edwards/Rich Kotite days.

While there are several other issues to breakdown from this pathetic loss to the Buffalo Bills, the frustration level is just too high at this point to go on any further. The New York Jets were once a team that was 3-0 and firing on all cylinders and looked to be a legitimate challenger in the AFC East. Now Gang Green is a bunch of pretenders led by a rookie quarterback who is dazed and confused and a head coach known more his trash talking than the way his team performs on the field. How things change so fast with this team, but I should have known better. Same Old Jets.

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