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New York Jets: West Coast Trips

Last year the West Coast was a disaster for the NY Jets.  Head Coach Eric Mangini outlined a very specific agenda for his team.  He regulated how much video they should watch on the plane. When they should take out their contacts, how much they should sleep, what they should eat and when.

The results?

They lost their games at:

  • San Diego (September)
  • Oakland (October)
  • San Francisco (December)
  • Seattle (December)

Here are two pictures (one, two) which are the actual handouts that the players received last year.  The picture quality isn’t the best but we had to take the pictures quick, before the Jets noticed what we were doing.

Let’s hope that Rex Ryan has this situation under control.  Eric Mangini was the king of micromanaging every action a player takes before the game.  Simply put, it didn’t work.

Some fans have posted their thoughts here.  There is also another screen shot of Mangini’s handout for the benefits of sleep.  Ironically the players had no problem sleeping anytime Mangini spoke.

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