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Jets Drop Ticket Prices; Still Not Enough

One of the worst things about blogs is the “over reaction”.  A blog post that happens instantly after an event isn’t always a good thing.  I try to avoid that because over time problems don’t usually seem so bad.  The Jets announced today that they had reduced ticket prices in the new stadium.  I decided to take a look based on seeing these changes on twitter:

  • Jets tickets sale: Team lowers prices for seats in New Meadowlands for 2010, and some mezzanine level seats drop by 50%.
  • Although prices have been lowered, PSL prices for each seat have not changed.

50% off sounds good though.  When I looked at the updated pricing, I realized one important thing;

These prices still suck.

The Jets were going to let the market decide what the Coaches Club should sell for.  Seems like that thought went out the window, those PSLs are listed as high as $30,000.  Good mezzanine seats still have a PSL of $15,000 and a ticket price of $295.

This was your big announcement?

I am going to just wait this out.  This stadium is empty.  It has been reported that the new stadium is 70% sold out in non-prime seats.  Nice spin.  That means that the upper deck with no PSL is still not sold out?

I will buy my tickets next year for the handful of games that I want to go to.  No PSL.  No preseason.  Hey New York Jets, thanks for the memories.

Here is a thread about this price drop in our forums.  You can see fan reaction and tell us what you think about these new prices.  Brian Clark wrote a detailed post in July; NY Jets PSL Report.

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