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Jets Ryan Walking A Fine Line

By Tyson Rauch

Just when you thought you have heard it all with the New York Jets, Monday’s Rex Ryan shedding tears episode comes along. The New York Jets have lost 5 of their last 6 games. Of the 5 losses, 4 of them were to teams with records at .500 or worse. The last thing Rex Ryan should be doing is shedding tears and urging his players to believe in themselves. How about striking some fear into a team that is underachieving? How about making life uncomfortable for your group of high priced trash talkers that are coming up small in big spots? How about sending a message to your team that if you are going to talk the talk, you will walk the walk? Beat into your player’s heads that repeated mistakes will not be tolerated and losing will not be accepted.

Now don’t get me wrong it is great to see that Ryan has a very close relationship with his players. At the same time Rex has to be careful that the closeness does not lead to complacency. This is a very fine line that Ryan is walking and every action he makes will be closely scrutinized by not only the media and fans, but by his players.

Open your eyes Woody Johnson- Not a day goes by without running into some type of advertisement for 2010 Jets tickets. Whether it is online banner ads, blast email, newspaper ads or television commercials, the advertisements are everywhere. It does not take a genius to realize that the Jets are having a hard time selling tickets, regardless of what they try to spew to the local media. Well why do you think the tickets are not selling Mr. Johnson? THE PRICES! These are hard economic times and this franchise has not won a championship in over 40 years.

Just take a look at the 2009 ticket situation. The Jets are having a hard time selling $75 seats this year and are running all kinds of 2 for 1 promotions, along with buying merchandise get tickets free deals. You want to get from $195-$795 for club seats next year? Oh and lets not forget the accommodating PSL fees which range from $5,000 to $30,000 per seat. There is no way the average fan can afford these prices, and even if they could are they getting a good return on their investment? Open you eyes Mr. Johnson, as you have completely out-priced your fan base. The only thing you are accomplishing now is alienating a once strong and loyal fan base.

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