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15 Dollar Football

I saw this post in our forums and I immediately figured out where the NY Jets were going with this:

$15 Dollar Jets Tickets Right From Box Office

Jets right from box office on ticketmaster are selling last three games at $15 dollars a seat. Just need to enter the code millitary. As opposed to code plum or code football or pay full price! Take your choice.

Even Mezz with a face of $115 is selling for $15 bucks. If Jets are doing that type of discount before I have eaten my Thanksgiving dinner I wonder if the people who paid in excess of 10K for PSLs next year will have anything to give thanks for this year.

Are you ready Jets fans?  Sing with me…

15 Dollar
15 Dollar Football Tickets

15 Dollar
15 Dollar Football Tickets

They are catching on
To say thanks for making NY Jets football famous you can logon to ticketmaster and get NY Jets tickets for just 15 dollars.  Hurry a celebration this great wont last long.


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