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Grab Control Rex

By Tyson Rauch

Surprise, surprise, surprise … the New York Jets lose 6 out of 7 games and now all kinds of actions are being taken by the coaching staff. From Rex Ryan getting more involved on the offensive side of the ball, to the benching of Kerry Rhodes, the Jets are finally trying to right their ship. Here is a question, why weren’t any of these moves made when there was still a chance to save the season? Was it not obvious to anyone within the Jets organization that Mark Sanchez was struggling with ball security issues? Did the Jets coaching staff not see the lackluster play of Kerry Rhodes on game tape? And furthermore are these the only measures being taken to salvage the 2009 season?

The Jets have become a team that appears to be way too complacent and comfortable in their environment. Gang Green walks and talks like they have accomplished something in the NFL, meanwhile they are headed for another mediocre season. Rex Ryan needs to grab control of his team and start making all of his players accountable for their actions. Ryan needs to cut out this “swagger” act and make this a hard working, physical football team like the one he described in his introductory press conference. No more brash statements, no more predictions, no more requests for fan support. Just shut up and get your team ready to play some tough blue collar football. The time has come to crack the whip and make life miserable for these players until they understand what it takes to win in the National Football League. You are not going to go all out on every pass route? Hit the bench. You are not going to sell out on every tackle? Hit the bench. You are going to be careless with the football? Hit the bench.

The Jets are a team full of talented, well-paid players. Now is the time to make them earn their paychecks on and off the field. Are you up to the task Coach Ryan?

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