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Rex Ryan: Sanchez Should Play

In the post game interview on SNY, Rex Ryan indicated that they didn’t think the knee injury sustained by QB Mark Sanchez was serious.

“We think that he will be ready to go next week.”

Rex Ryan also stated that they felt it was a knee sprain and that Sanchez would have an MRI as a precaution.  When asked when Sanchez was injured it was unclear.  But Ryan thought it may have been on the play that Sanchez dove for the first down instead of sliding.  Earlier in the week NY Yankee Manager Joe Girardi gave Sanchez  a sliding lesson.

When Ryan was asked about the sliding again his response was:

He is a knucklehead.  but he is our knucklehead and we love him.

Edit:  Mark Sanchez answered questions at the podium.  He said his knee started to hurt shortly after the dive, he doesn’t know how he hurt it though.  He is aware that everyone wants him to slide.

Will you play next week?  Mark:  I have no idea, we’ll see.  It doesn’t feel right.

He was asked if he was scared about the MRI and he answered, “I am optimistic that I will play next week”.    He indicated he doesn’t think it is a serious injury.

What does it all mean Jets fans?  Wait and see. For now, enjoy the second Jets victory of the week.

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