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Will Gholston Ever Get A Sack?

So here we are facing a Sunday with New York Jets football and I saw this thread in our forums.  The question posed by TNJet is; Will Vernon Gholston ever get a sack?

Crazy that this is a viable discussion.  He had 4 games with no Calvin Pace and plenty of playing time.  No sacks.  He didn’t earn much playing time his rookie year.  No sacks.

Will Vernon Gholston ever get a sack in the NFL?

His playing time is diminishing and it seems to only be a matter of time until he is inactive routinely.  Jamaal Westerman and Marques Murrell were both undrafted free agents.  They have shown more on the field than Gholston has.

Look at his Wiki page here on JetNation.

NFL Career

As a Jet

Gholston was taken by the Jets with the 6th overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft.

It isn’t that we are lazy and don’t want to update his page.  It is just that there are no accomplishments for us to add.  If something doesn’t change soon, Vernon is going down as a bust of epic proportion.  That is our opinion of course, stop by our forums and vote in the poll.  Tell us what you think about Vernon.

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