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Jets/Bengals "Flexed"; Starting Time 8:20pm

Attention Jets fans you have been flexed.  The last game scheduled in “Giants Stadium” has been flexed by NBC.  That means, instead of being played in the afternoon, it will start at 8:20pm and will be broadcast on NBC.

Not a bad way to close down the old stadium.  The New York Jets who are in control of their own playoff destiny, have a chance to close down the stadium in style.  A national game, if the Jets win they are in.

Quite the story for the team that has struggled at times with a rookie head coach and a rookie QB.  They have held their heads high and NBC has declared the Jets \ Bengals matchup to be the “Game of the Week”.

For those coming to the game and looking for a tailgate we have a good group of Jets fans, let us know if you are stopping by.

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