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New York Jets must keep their eye on the prize

Everywhere you turn there is a discussion about the Jets win over the Indianapolis Colts and the fact that Gang Green is lucky and should not be in the situation that they are in (win and in playoffs).  The comments continue on how if Peyton Manning would have played the rest of the game the Jets would have lost, how the Jets do not deserve to be in the playoffs, so on and so forth.  Now come some reports that there is a chance that Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer may not play Sunday night if the Bengals cannot improve their playoff seeding.  These stories are only fueling additional fires about the Jets and their “sleep walk” into the playoffs.

As a long time fan of the New York Jets I can care less how Gang Green makes the playoffs.  The fact of the matter is that the Jets lost several heartbreaking games throughout the season and deserve a break or two.  If this was any other team in the NFL, say the Cowboys, there would be no where near this type of banter.  The Jets as an organization have been pushed around for years, and this media scrutiny comes as no surprise.  But the one thing that needs to happen is that the Jets need to take advantage of this situation.

The Bengals want to rest Carson Palmer? Fine. Blow the Bengals out of the building in front of your raucous crowd and build some momentum heading into the first round of the playoffs.  The Bengals want to rest starters?  Fine.  Give Cincinnati everything they can handle and show everyone that this Jets team is for real and not a joke.  All of this speculating could lull a team to sleep or give them a false sense of security and Rex Ryan and his staff need to keep a close eye on that.  Ryan must keep this team focused on the task at hand and the ultimate goal, which is getting the New York Jets into the playoffs.  Failure to do so could result in one of the most embarrassing losses in Jets history.

So let all of the talking heads talk, and the complainers complain, but get the job done Jets.  You have the #1 ranked overall defense in the NFL along with the top ranked ground attack, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of the opportunity being put in front of you.  This is your chance to leave your mark on the 2009 season.

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