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New Draft Rules

Randy Lange posted a blog entry today on (NYJets.com) that outlined some new rules for the NFL Draft.  As we have mentioned previously, the draft is now being held over three days.  We will have more on that after the season.  Randy Lange pointed out a new rule that impacts the Jets:

Procedures for establishing first-round draft order have been redesigned. In the past, you’ll recall, all teams with the same regular-season records were bunched in the same “segment,” with playoff teams dropping to the bottom of the segment. So under the procedures of previous years, the Jets and Ravens, both at 9-7, would have dropped to 21st and 22nd this year regardless of how far they went in the postseason.

But for the first time, playoff teams have been taken out of those segments and put in their own playoff sections. By that I mean slots 1-20 go to the teams that didn’t make the playoffs, 21-24 to the Wild Card Round losing teams, 25-28 to the Divisional Round losing teams, and 29-30 to the Championship Game losing teams.

Since the Jets have already advanced to the AFC Divisional Round, the earliest their first-round pick could come on Thursday night, April 22 (the new date for Round 1) is 25th, which is where they would select if they were to lose at San Diego on Sunday. (They would be 25th regardless of which other teams would lose this weekend based on their 9-7 record.)

We will now go back to thinking about the New York Jets vs San Diego Chargers.  If you want to discuss this, visit our NY Jets message board.

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