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Weak 17

By Nick Ferraro

Good news, I won a big parlay.  I had the Rams/49ers to go over 23.5 in terms of how many years they would set professional football back today.  It was over at halftime as they went to 35.  I paired that with Josh McDaniel over 2.5 pro bowlers run out of town for the season.  That was close, but he came through in the end.

Can Ndamokingkong Suh start working out with the Rams now?  I think some sort of waiver can be provided to get the Rams a head start on 2010 – 2011.

I think the Steelers are just about to turn it on and make a big playoff run.

Wes Welker will be replaced a lot easier than everyone thinks.

Can a team go any more gently into that good offseason than the Giants?  Nice work, Big Blew.

Mangini should get one more year…Del Rio, Cable, McDaniels, and Mora shouldn’t.

Jamarcus Russell would make about $11,603 per year if paid for effort and professionalism.

The Dolphins score points without a single skill player anybody wants.  You can say Ricky Williams, but nobody wanted him either before the season started.

I might have been distracted by a 2-3 year old and a team that isn’t very good, but did anyone else find this NFL regular season a bit boring?

Moral of the story – wait until the $800,000 check clears before locking any of your players in a closet.

There’s like five or six Bowl games this week.  I’m just not sure why.

Are the Wizards changing their names back to the Bullets?

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