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New York Jets lacking respect

While most of Jets nation is excited about the prospects of Gang Green heading into the playoffs, the rest of the football world continues to discount their abilities and chances.  Whether it is the talking heads repeatedly discussing the fact that the Jets “backed in” to the playoffs or the Cincinnati Bengals making excuses for their loss, the end result is still the same.  The Jets are not getting much respect.  I find this comical as the Jets meet most of the characteristics of a playoff team.

1)  The team must play well in December and heading into the playoffs. The Jets won 5 of their last 6 games, and realistically should have won all six.  Many are going to dwell on the Colts game and the fact that Peyton Manning left with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, but what are the Jets supposed to do quit when he is taken out?

2)  Defense wins championships. The New York Jets have the #1 ranked defense in the National Football League.  Gang Green is ranked #1 against the pass, #8 against the run, and #1 in points allowed.  Not too shabby for a team that supposedly does not belong in the playoffs.

3)  A team must be able to run the ball in the postseason. The New York Jets are ranked #1 in the NFL averaging 172.2 yards a game on the ground.

While the Jets are far from a perfect team, the lack of respect that they are getting is ridiculous.  One can only hope that this will inspire Gang Green even more and keep them from getting a false sense of security.  Coming off of a dominating victory of the Bengals, there is a chance that the Jets could get a little over confident.  Hopefully Gang Green can use the continued scrutiny to keep themselves grounded, and focused at the task at hand.  This is the perfect situation to adapt the “us against the world mentality”, something Bill Parcells used to always try to do heading into the playoffs.

I’m not saying that this is a Super Bowl caliber team, but it is definitely one that can do some damage in the playoffs.

Parting Shots

1) I sincerely hope that Chad Ochocinco does not fall in pregame warm-ups again.  Humble pie is much better served without injury excuses.

2) Funny how Cedric Benson does not know who linebacker David Harris is.  Most NFL fans forgot about Benson after Thomas Jones took his job in Chicago.

3) When in doubt, pick on Mark Sanchez.  That has to be the mantra of every Giants fan I know.  Sanchez is clearly no Eli Manning, and that is a bad thing why?

4) I love the arrogance of the Cowboy fans now that their team won some games in December.  When exactly was their last playoff victory?

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