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Thomas Jones Interview


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New York Jets running back Thomas Jones spoke with FOX Business Network’s David Asman about the upcoming playoffs game against the Cincinnati Bengals, saying that they “played a great game last week, but the playoffs are a totally different season.”

Below are excerpts from the interview:

On the upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals:
“We played a great game last week, but the playoffs are a totally different season.  There’s more intensity, the speed of the game picks up. We know what is in front of us and we just have to go out there and execute it. I think we’re really focused.”

On whether he expected the Jets to make the playoffs:
“It looked pretty bad after the Atlanta game-one of the worst losses I ever had.  It didn’t look that good at that point.”

On Jet’s naysayers:
“People are going to say those kinds of things, and that’s expected.  At the end of the day we won the games we needed to win to get in the playoffs and now the records go out the window.”

On being guaranteed extra money for each playoff:

“Each week you get a certain amount…we are still guaranteed our cut.  Each game in the playoffs you get an additional check.”

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