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Good Luck Jets Fans

Today is the day, the AFC Championship game is here.  A day that can change the course of this franchise and erase so much pain of seasons past.  Best of luck to everyone in Jets Nation, hopefully the Jets can keep their streak alive.   We are in Indianapolis and will have updates throughout the day.  For those of you on Twitter, please be sure to follow us.

This city is filled with Jets fans right now.  Everyone is out showing off their green with pride.  We saw two Jets fans riding around town with their truck decked out in Jets gear.  As they were honking their horn they sure did get a strong reaction (negative and positive).  We talked to some locals who seemed to think that, “East Coast people can sometimes be rude”.  Not sure where they would get that idea from.  They are most likely watching too much Everybody Love Raymond and King of Queens.  We know that East Coast people never cause problems.

We will also upload some pictures throughout the day from Indy, they can be viewed here:  http://twitpic.com/photos/JetNation

If you want to talk Jets football please visit our forums and the Official Championship Game Thread.  Check back for the inactive list before the game.

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