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Anyone Rooting For The Colts?

Here is a discussion thread from our forums about the Super Bowl.  Personally, I am going to have a hard time rooting for the Colts.  I think the Saints story is compelling and if a city ever deserved a Super Bowl victory it would have to be New Orleans.  As Jets fans witnessed first hand though, the task ahead of them is a large one.  Beating Peyton Manning, the greatest QB of all time, is never an easy thing to do.

As a side note here is Super Bowl betting.

Some thoughts from New York Jets fans:

EY Posted: I think I am.

I’d feel like we lost to the Super Bowl Champions, as opposed to ‘we lost the the Super Bowl runner-up’. Small consolation, but one is better than the other.

ViaJets Posted: BEER and FOOTBALL is who im rooting for along with Saints because of VILMA

PS17 Posted: Neutral.

Want to see a good game, don’t care about either team.

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