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NFL Party Selection Process

It is a few days before the Super Bowl.  You have received several offers but you remain unsure where to watch the big game.  You are not alone, your situation is common.  If you pick the wrong party you might be annoyed all night.  Where is “Bob the Rams fan” going?  If you can find out his plans ahead of time you will be in good shape.  This way you can make alternate plans.

Here at JetNation.com (the site that cares) we have put together a template including a brief list of questions.  You can email these to any party hosts so you can assess their level of preparedness for the big game.

Dear Host:

I have a few offers for the Super Bowl.  In order to help me in the selection process please answer the following questions:

1.  What is the size of your main TV?
2.  Is there a secondary TV that will be on during the game for alternate viewing angles?
3.  TV technology (Plasma, LCD, LED).  If it is projection or tube, please accept this as a formal RSVP (will not be attending).
4.  Who is your provider; FIOS, Cable, DirecTV?
5.  What are your backup plans if the primary TV source becomes unavailable?
6.  Approximate number of guests that will be over for the game?
7.  Approximate number of guests that are actually football fans?
8.  Will any New England Patriot fans be in attendance?
9.  Please outline your game day menu and highlight who will be responsible for making sure the halftime food is on time.
10. How many prime viewing seats are available?  If recliners are included, list the recommended arrival time needed to secure said recliner.

You can discuss this in our New York Jets message board.

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