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Pennington does not fit into the Jets future plans

There is a very good chance former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington will be released by the Miami Dolphins this spring.  Pennington is coming off of shoulder surgery and has been supplanted by the strong-armed Chad Henne.  The word of his possible availability stirred up stories of the Jets needing to bring back Pennington to mentor Mark Sanchez.  While the idea of bringing a veteran in to help Sanchez makes sense, Pennington should not be that guy.

First off Pennington is going to want to prove everyone wrong, overcome another surgery on his shoulder, and become a starter.  The last thing the Jets need is a quarterback controversy. Secondly, Chad was a very strong presence in the Jets locker room and his signing could hinder Sanchez’ development as a locker room leader.  Like it or not Mark Sanchez is the franchise quarterback of the New York Jets and the organization must put him in position to succeed.  Lastly, there has some to be some questions surrounding Pennington’s ability to play.  Chad was never known to have a strong arm, and with another surgery on his shoulder, there has to be some concerns about his ability to make throws down the field.

Don’t get me wrong, as a fan of Pennington I understand all of the intangibles he could bring to the New York Jets.  But at this point in his career I think the negatives outweigh the positives.

It would make sense for the Jets to bring in a veteran to back up Sanchez, but it has to be a guy that clearly knows his role on the team.  The role will be to backup Sanchez while helping the young gunslinger learn the ropes of the National Football League.

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