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We are in the dark period for football fans. The combine doesn’t start until next week (2/24).  Free agency isn’t here yet.  The games are over and we have a few months until mini-camp starts.

So what should we do?  Plug JetNation, that is what we should do.

If you aren’t already a member, please make sure you join our forums.  Our New York Jets message board is home to all the latest Jets news, as it happens.

The JetNation Facebook fan page is another option for you to get Jets news.  Are there any NY Jets fans still using MYSpace?  If so you can join our MYSpace page and feel free to volunteer to help us update it.  That might be the last Eric Mangini in green sighting.

Otherwise if you are on twitter you can follow JetNation here.

Thanks Jets fans and hang in there.  Real football news is just around the corner.

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