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New Woe For Wes Welker

Wes Welker now has two major injuries to battle back from.

The Patriots receiver suffered a torn rotator cuff, a source confirmed to the Herald. Add that to the torn MCL and ACL in his left knee that robbed Welker of his postseason, injuries that will make getting ready for 2010 an uphill battle.

It’s not clear how Welker tore his rotator cuff, nor is a timetable for recovery clear. But it is an added roadblock for last season’s leading receiver, as he tries to come back from his already debilitating knee injury.

The news was first reported in a blog called Big Rips.

There are several variations of torn rotator cuffs, so it is difficult to gauge if this will prolong his fight back onto the field.

Welker, who led the NFL with 123 catches for 1,348 yards and four touchdowns, had surgery to repair torn knee ligaments on Feb. 2.

In comments posted on his foundation’s Web site after his injury, Welker said, “In time, I plan on coming back as the player I was and much more.”

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