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Did The NY Jets Delete A Woody Johnson Article?

Jets NationWe receive notifications from the New York Jets every time they publish a new article via their RSS feed.  Yesterday we received this notification that a new article had been published:

Woody’s Passion Is Showing This Offseason

For Woody Johnson, the coin flip flap of the past several days was already yesterday’s news.”I’m done with that and moving forward,” the Jets owner said Wednesday, in an exclusive interview with, on the question of the coin toss that he wanted to see decide whether the Jets or Giants got that first regular-season home game at the New Meadowlands Stadium in September….more

Yet when you click on more what you get is:


I tried using the search feature on and this was the result:

No results for “Woody’s Passion Is Showing This Offseason”. Perhaps try the following:

  • Check spelling
  • Try different keywords
  • Try a more general keyword

Which leads me to my question, did the New York Jets write a fluff piece about Woody Johnson and then delete it?  If so, why would they do that?  Woody has received criticism lately for the coin toss issue.  The new stadium is not sold out due in large part to the high ticket prices and personal seat licenses.  Is Woody on edge?

I know this seems like a minor point but they took the time to write the article.  They took the time to get it approved and published.  Then they decide to delete it after the notification goes out, this is odd.  Woody is having a rough year and we know that he receives more criticism than he probably deserves.  Most of it stems from the cost of seeing a Jets game in person.  The fan base is thrilled with the product on the field.  Yet Woody and his P.R. guys seem unable to get out of their own way.

We asked the Jets on twitter what the deal was but we have not heard back as of yet.

@nyjets Hey Randy did you guys delete this Woody Johnson article? If so, why? Thanks.

As we receive updates we will post them here.

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