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Jets Restore Deleted Article; Add New Headline

Last week we wrote about a Woody Johnson article that the New York Jets published and then deleted. Did The NY Jets Delete A Woody Johnson Article?

Well Jets fans the article is back, this time it has a new title:  Woody’s Passion Enters 2nd Decade.

It is the same basic article, although the opening has been changed:

Original: For Woody Johnson, the coin flip flap of the past several days was already yesterday’s news.

New: For Woody Johnson, the coin flip flap of the past week was already yesterday’s news.

I know this seems trivial but the question remains unanswered.  Why would the NY Jets write this Woody Johnson fluff piece and then delete it?  The ironic part is that is was restored after we asked them about it.  Two words that seem to have an adversarial relationship with each other are Woody and P.R.  Can’t help but think that they tend to make things more complicated than they need to be.  If you want to publish the pre-Woody article, go for it.  Randy Lange is alright with running these rah-rah slants so stop over thinking it and don’t look back.

Indecisiveness will always come back to bite you Mr. Johnson.

Note to the New York Jets: For further commentary you can go to this discussion thread in our NY Jets Forum.

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