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WWJND: Dolphins Want Leon Washington

Erika Esola has started a new blog and wrote this week about the possibility of Leon Washington going to the Dolphins.

According to a source who is familiar with the Leon Washington situation with the Jets, the Dolphins are very interested in acquiring Washington. Umm, there’s just one thing though: Leon Washington and his agent Alvin Keels have absolutely no leverage in the situation.

According to the source, the Jets have made it clear that they wouldn’t let Washington go to any AFC East team, and they would match any offer sheet that is presented to them by the Dolphins. And that they won’t pay Washington what was originally offered to him last year (you know, that $4 million/season raise the Jets initially offered but was declined because Leon and his greedy agent were seeking even MORE money).

Erika, aka JetsBabe, was kind enough to start a thread on this very topic in our New York Jets message board.  Stop by and tell us what you think.

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