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TJB Has Insight Into Leon Washington’s Offer

Here at JetNation, we have been critical of Leon Washington’s agent, Alvin Keels.  The criticism stems from his use of twitter and youtube in what we have perceived of a lack of professionalism at times.  Keels has received a lot of criticism for not getting Leon Washington signed to a long term deal before his injury happened last season. has a very interesting exclusive that sheds some insight on what the Jets actually offered Leon.

According to a source close to Leon Washington that talked exclusively to, it’s time to clear out some of the tangled web the Jets front office has tried to weave during the Leon Washington contract standoff. Webs that apparently began as early as last summer with a tone-setting August Daily News report that the Jets had “a $5million-a-year offer on the table, [with] $10 million in guarantees” waiting for the Jets running back to sign.

It was left to the public assume the running back walked away from the deal. According to TJB’s source, this report was untrue. The team offered under half of what they told the Daily News they did.

No contract even close to those figures was offered by the team to Leon Washington’s camp.

You can read the whole story here.  This changes everything though, the perception has always been that Keels and Washington walked away from over 4 million dollars per year, on a multi-year contract.

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