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Jets Kicker Update

Here is a quick update on the Jets kicking situation. No Jay Feely didn’t miss another field goal against the Colts. That game is over, Jay has moved on to the Cardinals and he can’t hurt you anymore.

Nick Folk, the ex-Cowboys kicker, has been signed to replace Feely. The Jets were reportedly interested in ex-Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers but he signed with the Houston Texans.

On Tuesday, the NY Jets signed former Fresno State kicker Clint Stitser.  You can read more about him in our football forum but here is a quick recap.  One thing, he has been out of football for a few years.  The Jets are really taking a chance on the kicking game this year.

Clint Stitser, kicker, Fresno State: Stitser is not your average place kicker. “He’s above most linebackers,” says Fresno State strength coach Andy Bennett. The 6-1, 202-pounder power cleans 341 and hang cleans 357. Best of all, Stitser proves to be quite the motivator for teammates. “Guys are thinking, ‘Damn the kicker’s stronger than I am. I better get after it,'” Bennett says.

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