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I Want A New Hat

Jets NationBy Joe Brod

This past October, the New York Yankees, also known as my hometown team (I was born in The Bronx,) won their seventh World Series of my lifetime. My first order of business? I went online and ordered a new hat that proclaims the Yankees as the 27-time World Series Champions.

Do I mention this because I want to hurt the Mets fans who read this site? No. I mention this because after the off-season the Jets have had so far, which culminated Tuesday afternoon with the signing of public enemy number 1, Jason Taylor, I want a new friggin’ hat!

In my lifetime, I’ve owned more than my share of Yankees championship hats (G-d Bless the Steinbrenner family!) I’ve owned a Ranger Stanley Cup championship hat. I am a Notre Dame football fan and have owned a ND National Championship hat. Since moving to the state of Florida nine years ago, I’ve gotten to celebrate four Florida Gators championships in two sports for my adopted semi-local team.

But in my entire 38-plus year existence, I’ve never had the one hat I’ve really always wanted – a New York Jets Super Bowl Championship hat.  I’ve seen them come as close as they came this past January a couple of times. I’ve personally led them to numerous Super Bowls in John Madden football. But I’ve never had the satisfaction of seeing the one team I love more than any other win a championship.

Right now is the closest I’ve ever been. We have team with a great defense, a coach who can make anyone a believer and a young hotshot QB which has now spent the off-season adding superstars.

Now they need to make it real.

All the holes have been filled. The draft is for depth. Now go win us the Super Bowl.

So we can all get new hats.

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