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NY Jets Draft Kyle Wilson, CB

Kyle Wilson from Boise St. was the New York Jets 1st round draft pick.  The Piscataway NJ native joins a very talented Jets secondary (Revis, Cromartie at CB).  This will enable the Jets to match up against passing teams like the Colts and Patriots.  As well as enable the Jets to continue doing what Rex Ryan loves to do best; blitz.

Here is the scouting report on Wilson:

Scouting Report: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St.

by Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Analyst
March 12, 2010

Ht: 5’10 Wt: 194 40: 4.42

Strengths: Very athletic and possesses good speed. Has good agility. Exceptional ability to mirror receivers. Has truly gifted footwork. Has very fluid hips and looks extremely comfortable in backpedal. He can change direction very easily. Looks comfortable going one on one with receivers. Can play well in both zone and man coverages. He possesses great instincts and can anticipate routes well. He baits the quarterback a lot, because he has the agility to recover and make a play on the ball (risky but often rewarding). Can play bump and run. He is physical at the line of scrimmage. Has good ball skills and shows good awareness. Great punt returner, flashes good bursts of agility. Can be a good blitzer for a CB. He seems to make big plays during critical games. He is a natural playmaker with great experience.

Weaknesses: Not a good contributor in the run game. Inconsistent tackler. He occasionally does not take proper angles. Needs to learn not to over-pursue, but to run under control when attempting to tackle. He often takes unnecessary risks. He does not have elite size.

Kyle Wilson’s draft stock has soared since the Senior Bowl. He displayed extremely fluid hips and showed that he was able to change direction very easily without losing speed. He had a great week in Mobile, Alabama and his draft stock has been rising ever since. Throughout the season he has been very impressive; showing that he play well in both press and zone coverages and that he has great ball skills. He is very competitive and has tremendous agility to make plays on the football. The only real weaknesses I see are his run support skills. He will not help out a whole lot in the running game. He often takes poor angles and over-pursues the ball carrier. He also gambles in coverage, a lot. He loves to bait the quarterback in order to get an interception. This is definitely not a weakness, but he occasionally takes a lot of unnecessary risks that will have any coach upset if and when he gives up a big play. Overall, I only have two cornerbacks in this year’s draft with a 1st round grade and they are: Joe Haden of Florida and Kyle Wilson of Boise St. Wilson is an extremely talented cornerback who looks very polished and should be able to contribute very early in his NFL career.

Draft Projection: Top 25

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