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Draft Day Two

The second day of the NFL Draft is here.  The NFL in their infinite wisdom managed to take something that was fun and enjoyable for the fans and spread it out over three days, making it less fun and enjoyable along the way.  They are aiming for better TV ratings and time will tell if they made the right decision.

Many fans that were used to going out or having draft parties for the 1st day of the draft seem disappointed.   Instead of an action packed Saturday in which rounds one through three take place, the draft is now broken down like this:

Thursday:  Round One

Friday:  Rounds Two and Three

Saturday: Rounds Four, Five, Six and Seven

Here is a chart that was provided courtesy of NYJets.com that shows the New York Jets draft picks for the 2010 NFL Draft.

1 29 29 Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State (Own selection)
2 29 61 Own selection
3 29 92 To CLE for Braylon Edwards
4 26 124 From ARZ for Kerry Rhodes
4 29 127 To PHI for Lito Sheppard
5 24 155 From PHI for Sheppard, to PIT for Santonio Holmes
5 29 160 To CLE for Braylon Edwards
6 29 198 Own selection
7 29 236 Own selection

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