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NY Jets Draft Vlad Ducasse, OT

Vlad DucasseIn the 2nd round of the NFL draft the New York Jets selected Vlad Ducasse an offensive tackle from Massachusetts.  He stands at 6’4″, weighs 332 lbs and can also play guard.

Kudos to this guy for basically calling this pick a few hours before it was made.

Here is the NFL.com profile on Ducasse:

Ducasse is a three-year starter at tackle that translates inside to guard for the next level. He came to the U.S. from Haiti in 2002 and that was his first exposure to playing the game of football. He is very athletic for his size with foot quickness, agility and body control but due to his limited experience he often takes poor angles and is not always very quick to recognize stunts and twists by the defensive front. When he has no doubt as to what he is supposed to do, Ducasse looks dominating and powerful. While he is not apt to be an instant impact player, Ducasse has a chance to become a quality starter due to his size, power and athleticism.


Ducasse has a really nice combination of size, natural power and foot agility for an offensive lineman. Exhibits good initial quickness exploding out of his stance in the running game and getting set in pass protection. Plays with really nice leverage.


Originally from Haiti, Ducasse has a limited football background. Does not possess adequate instincts at this time and can be caught thinking on the move. Must do a better job of finishing his blocks and driving until the whistle. Needs to work on taking better blocking angles.

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