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NY Jets Cut Alan Faneca

The New York Jets have waived pro-bowl guard Alan Faneca as per various reports.  Manish Mehta from reported on twitter:

BREAKING: I’m reporting that the #Jets cut Alan Faneca. More on in a bit.

This move is disturbing for a few reasons:

1.   By most accounts recently drafted Vlad Ducasse has the size he needs but not the polish to start immediately.  The pick was popular because with the Jets current line intact, Vlad had a year to learn and could provide depth in case of injury.  Now it looks like he will be pressed into a starting role immediately.

2.  Alan Faneca was a leader on this team.  The Jets have imported drama by the truck load this off-season (Jason Taylor, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie).  And they need all the leadership they can get.  Add in the departure of another offensive leader in Thomas Jones and you are putting a lot of pressure on Mark Sanchez.

3.  This is a cost cutting move, not a football move.  Faneca isn’t at his peak but is still playing at a very high level.  This is an uncapped year and the Jets are making a cost cutting move.  Yes we always go back to PSL sales but if the new stadium was priced reasonably and sold out would they still make this move?  If the Jets weren’t still employing over 15 PSL sales reps would they feel more comfortable going into an uncapped year?

This off-season was too good to be true and for financial reasons, the Jets just served Jet Nation a big dose of reality.  Tell us what you think in our New York Jets fan forum.

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