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Mike Tannenbaum Interview Recap

Jets NationJetNation forum user JMJ posted an excellent recap of the Mike Tannenbaum interview that aired on the Boomer and Carton show this morning.  Here is his full recap and some highlights.

1. He thanked Faneca for all he did while here and said the team felt it was the best thing for them and him for them to release him now and give him as much time as possible to sign on somewhere else. They said he earned that.

2. Regarding Leon, he said that drafting McKnight is what sealed Leon’s fate. They already felt they had the return department taken care of with Brad Smith, but drafting McKnight assured them that they had a replacement for Leon’s skills out of the backfield.

3. He spoke about HBO’s Hard Knox and said he was the last to get on board with the idea.

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