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2010 NY Jets PSL And Parking Info

Woody Johnson has made a few statements with regards to PSL sales.  Here are the highlights:

  • The Jets will not sell individual PSL tickets on a game-by-game basis during the season, feeling it would be unfair to those fans who have made the commitment to purchase Personal Seat Licenses.
  • The team has no plans to further reduce PSL prices.
  • No Jets home game will be blacked out.

The statement about no Jets game being blacked out is the interesting one.  If there are no blackouts it won’t be because the Jets sold out.  We won’t speculate about how many seats are still available (cough 17,000 cough).  To avoid blackouts the Jets will have to pay some cash.  We will have more on how the Jets can not sell out and not be blacked out soon.

Here is the 2010 New York Jets Parking Map that was sent out by the Jets this week.

Here are a few good threads about the parking situation and Woody Johnson’s statement about PSLs.

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