JetNation Podcast: Personal Seat Licenses & Ticket Sales

Latest episode of JetNation Radio: Since the opening of the Jets new stadium (MetLife) there has been much debate regarding ticket sales and the charging of Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) needed to be obtained in order to purchase season tickets. Hosts Dennis Agapito and Tyson Rauch analyze the many issues surrounding the stadium from how… Read more

Jets Reduce Some PSL Prices

New York Jets executive vice president for business operations Matt Higgins made an announcement today that many Jets fans are excited to hear.  The Jets are reducing the price of some PSL seats. has been on record as saying the prices were set to high.  Previously the Jets had adjusted some game day ticket… Read more

Jets Reduce Great Hall Ticket Prices

Our friend RowOneJetFan has another PSL\ticket update for us.  This time the Jets have reduced the price of the Great Hall Club (50 yard line, visiting sideline).  Here is his update: Was $600 a ticket. WOW, if I had to have 50 yard line tickets and I was one of the fools who back at… Read more

2010 NY Jets PSL And Parking Info

Woody Johnson has made a few statements with regards to PSL sales.  Here are the highlights: The Jets will not sell individual PSL tickets on a game-by-game basis during the season, feeling it would be unfair to those fans who have made the commitment to purchase Personal Seat Licenses. The team has no plans to… Read more

RowOneJetFan: PSL Sale (Deferred Payment)

Last week RowOneJetFan wrote about New York Jets PSL sales.  He provided an update which detailed section by section how he felt the sales are going.  He is back with another update, this time a sale of sorts. Yes, todays brand new Jet offer only for people who had season tickets in 2007,2008, 2009 who… Read more

PSL Update By RowOneJetFan

I have been working on an editorial that I was going to call, “When Is T-Day?”  T-Day is the day the Jets come clean and tell us how many tickets they have sold for the upcoming season.  The day game day seats get put on the secondary market.   Then I stumbled upon this nugget of… Read more

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