Jets Reduce Great Hall Ticket Prices

New York JetsOur friend RowOneJetFan has another PSL\ticket update for us.  This time the Jets have reduced the price of the Great Hall Club (50 yard line, visiting sideline).  Here is his update:

Was $600 a ticket. WOW, if I had to have 50 yard line tickets and I was one of the fools who back at bottom of stock market bought two 25K PSLs in Coaches club at $700 a ticket I would be mad.

Since then stock market is up 70% so you had your money tied up and now you are paying $305 a ticket more than guy on 50 yard line on same row on visitors side. You both are getting the free food and parking.

$395 is still over priced. But I can see being able to sell them for $800 a pair to guys like me who want a once in life time experience and free food.

However, selling for $1,400 same tickets on jets side and worth an extra $600 to see Rex Ryan’s butt, I can look at his face from across the field

Forget PSL cost you flushed that down the toilet in those sections. But at least in Great Hall Club you might be able to get your ticket price back for regular season games.

Here is some additional information on New York Jets PSLs and recent ticket price changes.

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