Jets Reduce Some PSL Prices

New York Jets executive vice president for business operations Matt Higgins made an announcement today that many Jets fans are excited to hear.  The Jets are reducing the price of some PSL seats. has been on record as saying the prices were set to high.  Previously the Jets had adjusted some game day ticket prices.  This move will impact fans who already purchased PSLs as well.  Here are the details:

Higgins said the team was sending an e-mail Friday to alert fans of the reduced prices in the $1.6 billion stadium. Lower end-zone seats will be dropped from $5,000 to $2,500, as will those in the mezzanine end zone. Seats in the lower-sideline section will be cut from $15,000 to $10,000.

“It dramatically changes the cost,” Higgins said. “What we heard from a lot of fans was that they want to be in the building come opening day, but our lowest price point is just not affordable enough to get a lot of the fans back in who want to be in. So, when we looked at the options, we figured it makes sense to make these adjustments.”

Higgins also told the associated press that PSL sales (or lack thereof) have no impact on the Jets ability to sign their own players to long term contract extensions (Revis, Mangold, Brick).  Tell us what you think about this price reduction in the NY Jets fan forum.

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