RowOneJetFan: PSL Sale (Deferred Payment)

Jets NationLast week RowOneJetFan wrote about New York Jets PSL sales.  He provided an update which detailed section by section how he felt the sales are going.  He is back with another update, this time a sale of sorts.

Yes, todays brand new Jet offer only for people who had season tickets in 2007,2008, 2009 who have not yet purchased a PSL!!!!!

I love how the offer is for “dedicated fans” I guess the fans who already bought a psl, made a psl payment and are paying for their own parking are suckers, go woody go!

Here is the thread with some additional commentary in our NY Jets forum.  The PSL deferred payment option is interesting.  Please note that JetNation did not validate this offer we do believe it to be credible though.

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