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Week 1 NFL Picks

Well football fans the wait is over.  The 2010 NFL season is set to begin Thursday night (8:30 EST) with a rematch of the NFC Championship game, Vikings vs. Saints.  As a football fan there is no better time of the year than the first week of the season, where everyone has high expectations.

Here are my picks for week one.  Feedback and comments are more than welcome.  (Please note that my weekly picks will normally be posted on Friday mornings.)

Saints over the Vikings- Lord Favre is going to regret coming back after the beating he is going to take in this game.  The atmosphere will be electric and New Orleans can probably win the game on adrenaline alone. Saints 31-14

Browns over the Bucs– Is it possible to have a meaningless week one game? This one is for you fantasy football players. Browns 21-10

Dolphins over the Bills- Surprise, surprise Bill Parcells has relinquished his role in the Dolphin’s organization.  How long until the rumors about  the Tuna going to another team start? Regardless the Bills are a mess and do not bring much to the field other than C.J. Spiller. Dolphins 27-7

Bengals over the Patriots- This is a very interesting week one match-up as the Bengals could end up being one of the best teams in the AFC.  The difference in the game will be New England’s inability to get to the quarterback and stop Cincy’s passing game. Bengals 24-21

Colts over the Texans- Another great week one match-up that could very easily end up being a shootout.  In the end I think Houston comes up short defensively, again.  Colts 31-24

Jaguars over the Broncos- This game is almost a pick’em in my eyes as the Jaguars are a team that never improves, while Denver has decided to get rid of most of their playmakers.  Can we stop with the Tim Tebow hype? Have you seen his throwing motion?  Jaguars 14-10

Steelers over the Falcons- Even though the Steelers are starting Dennis Dixon at quarterback, I think the physical nature of their team, at home, will win the game.  If Pittsburgh finds a way to go 2-2 during Big Ben’s suspension look out. Steelers 17-13

Titans over the Raiders- This game could end up being a very tough, physical battle.  The Raiders have a solid defense and quarterback Jason Campbell brings some stability to the position.  The Titans have a young, hungry team that could do some damage in the AFC.  Taking the home team. Titans 20-13

Giants over the Panthers- The New York Giants will be opening up the new Meadowlands stadium, which will definitely provide a jolt to the team.  The key to the game is for the Giants to stop Carolina’s dynamic running attack, as the passing game is shaky at best. Giants 21-14.

Bears over the Lions- Detroit is a much improved team as they continue to gather quality players.  Unfortunately for the Lions and their fans it could be a 4 or 5 win season. Bears 24-13

Cardinals over the Rams- Talk about a roster overhaul..the Cardinals went from one of the best teams in the NFC, to a team searching for an identity.  As for the Rams, well they are still the Rams.  Cardinals 21-7

Packers over the Eagles- Talk about a tough spot for Kevin Kolb, the Eagles new starting quarterback.  The Packers could have the highest scoring offense in the NFL, and at this point Philadelphia cannot keep up in a shootout.  Packers 34-17

49ers over the Seahawks- San Francisco is a tough, physical football team that may just manhandle the Seahawks.  For a Seattle team so desperate to acquire talent, it seems like every day they are releasing someone.  Hey Pete, nice job getting out of USC before it blew up.  49ers 24-10

Cowboys over the Redskins- The Cowboys have one of the most talented rosters in the NFC, but their offensive line has some holes.  The Redskins will be inspired with McNabb behind center, but the Haynesworth drama has gone beyond annoying.  This game could be closer than most expect.  Cowboys 27-24

Chargers over the Chiefs (Mon night)- The Chargers could be one of the best teams in the AFC, but the holdouts of Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson dampen enthusiasm.  The Chiefs’ success relies on quarterback Matt Cassel, who at this point has not done much in Kansas City.  This game between division rivals could be up in the air heading into the fourth quarter.  Chargers 21-17

New York Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens (Mon night)- Well Jets fans the time has come for Gang Green to finally start backing up all of their offseason talk.  The Ravens are as good as it gets in the NFL, and this game could end up being an old school, smash mouth war.  Can Sanchez handle the heat of the Ravens defense? Can the Jets defense stifle a dynamic Baltimore offense, led by Ray Rice? Check out my Sunday preview to find out the answers.

Enjoy the games this weekend!

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