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Week 6 NFL Picks

Last week I went a dreadful 7-7 which would not strike fear in any opponent, unless of course it was the Cleveland Browns.  My year to date total is 41-35, which is definitely making me consider taking a bye week with the Jets.  Here are my picks for week 6.

Dolphins over the Packers- The Packers are a bunch of walking wounded, while the Fish enter the game off of a bye.  Could be a huge day for the Miami running game.   Side note: Anyone else find it weird how Parcells basically quit the Fish without much fanfare? You just know he is already lining up other jobs.  Dolphins 24-14

Chargers over the Rams- The Rams are just what the doctor ordered for the Chargers, who are off to another slow start.  Another huge day for Rivers, who could be on pace for a record year. Chargers 31-10

Ravens over the Patriots- The Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL and the Pats never lose at home during the regular season.  Going to take the Ravens and their defense, especially with Randy Moss now playing in Minnesota. Ravens 21-17

Steelers over the Browns- This could be the first NFL game where a quarterback will be forced to tapout.  Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy could be seeing playing time against the Steelers, which will make this game a complete mauling.  Is Eric Mangini getting his audition tape ready yet?  Steelers 38-7

Texans over the Chiefs- The Texans are a mystery to many as one week they look great, and the following week they look like well the Texans.  Looking for Houston to bounce back strong against a much improved Chief team. Texans 24-20

Giants over the Lions- The Lions are much improved, especially on offense, but the Giants playing at home will be too much to handle.  How is Coughlin coaching now Giants fans? Giants 24-14

Falcons over the Eagles– Atlanta is a very well rounded team that could make a run at being the best in the NFC.  The Eagles have a ton of injuries to deal with, which could bring out the Kevin Kolb boo birds.  Falcons 21-17

Bears over the Seahawks- The Bears are a mess on offense and get quarterback Jay Cutler back.  The Seahawks play horrible on the road and still are trying to establish their identity. Coin flip for this one.  Bears 10-9

Saints over the Bucs- The Super Bowl hangover has to be over by now right?  Or was Reggie Bush that important to the offense?  The Bucs are for real, but New Orleans will bounce back after a very disappointing loss.  Saints 28-17

Raiders over the 49ers- Can the Raiders actually win 2 in a row? Based on the way the 49ers and Alex Smith are playing, yes they can and will. Raiders 21-13

Cowboys over the  Vikings- The first loser goes home game of the year and it is fitting that Brett Favre is involved in it.  Favre’s made for tv tendonitis will not matter much as Tony Romo and company will take it to the Vikings defense early and often.  Cowboys 28-17

Colts over the Redskins- This could be a shootout between McNabb and Manning as neither team can run the ball.  Going to take Manning as he has several more weapons on offense.  Colts 35-24

Titans over the Jaguars- I have to give Jacksonville credit as I wrote them off early in the season.  The Jags will have their hands full with a tough Titans defense and an explosive running game.  Titans 27-21

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos

The New York Jets, winners of 4 in a row, fly out to Denver to take on the Broncos and their high flying passing attack.  Can the Jets slow down Kyle Orton and the Broncos passing game? Will Gang Green suffer a letdown after several emotional victories? Find out on Sunday in my game preview.

Enjoy week 6 and Go Yankees!!!

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