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NFL Power Rankings (Week 11)

1. Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons sit on top of the rankings after a very strange NFL week.  They are as complete a team as there is right now.

2. Green Bay Packers
The Pack has fought its way into a tie on top of the NFC North after a tough start.  The rest of the division has missed an opportunity that they probably will not get again.

3. New York Jets
It’s time for the Jets to win one the way a true contender wins.  The escape acts against the league’s bottom feeders are getting old.

4. New Orleans Saints
The Saints are moving up the standings and getting healthier at RB.

5. New England Patriots
The Pats have the Steelers’ number.  This week we get to see if they still have Manning and the Colts under their thumb.

6. Philadelphia Eagles
Vick makes this team a major factor in the NFC.  They can make a big statement this week against the Giants.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers got a serious wake-up call Sunday.  It can work to their advantage during the stretch run if they can refocus and address their deficiencies, or their confidence can be damaged to the point where they start to falter.

8. Indianapolis Colts
If the Colts can manage a win in New England on Sunday, it will provide them with enough momentum to string together the wins needed to pull away in the division.

9. New York Giants
The Giants may have been the victims of timing with the Cowboys finally getting their heads on straight after the coach was jettisoned.  The other possibility is that they aren’t as good as we thought.  Sunday’s trip to Philly will help decide things.

10. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens had a chance to win a big game and couldn’t get it done.  Nothing in their play makes you think they can compete in the playoffs with the big boys in the AFC.

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