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NFL Power Rankings (Week 14)

1. Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons came back for a road win against an underrated Bucs team.  They’ve been the league’s most consistent team all year.

2. New Orleans Saints
The Saints found a way to win in Cincy.  They might find themselves as a twelve-win wild card team if the Falcons stay on track.

3. New England Patriots
What can you say except that the Patriots are still the beast of the East?  They will be playing with a boat load of confidence in the last four games.

4. Green Bay Packers
After the tune up against the Lions, the Pack head to New England before coming home for the Giants and the finale against the Bears.  The Bears schedule might be even more difficult, so it may come down to the last week of the season for the division title.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers continue to keep the Ravens at arm’s length.  They should finish strong a win the division with three cupcakes left in the last four weeks.

6. New York Jets
The jury is out now after the Jets followed some close calls with the melt down on Monday night.  It’s hard to say right now just how good this team is.

7. Chicago Bears

The Bears are getting Cutler to play mistake-free football.  It could mean a division title and a long run in the playoffs.

8. Philadelphia Eagles

Vick will place a strangle hold on MVP honors is the Eagles can handle road trips to Dallas and the Giants in the next two weeks.  It will mean a division title for the Eagles and they will grab the status of “team nobody wants to play” in the NFC playoffs.

9. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens really haven’t beaten anybody since week one if you discount the win against Pittsburgh while Big Ben was suspended.

10. New York Giants

There’s only one home game left for the Giants.  They will need the running game to carry the offense while they get healthy at WR.

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