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Are the “Same Old Jets” back?

Just when you thought Gang Green was ready to bounce back from a 42-point drubbing by the Patriots, they lay a complete egg at home against the Dolphins.  Sunday’s 10-6 loss to the Dolphins had it all from terrible play calling, to dropped passes, to poor game management.  If something could go wrong, especially offensively, it did.


Schottied again- Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer once again had a terrible game plan that yielded predictable results.  When it gets to the point that you can call the plays from the stands, something has to be wrong.  How about a play action pass on first down in a three receiver formation?  How about ditching the wildcat formation that is doing absolutely nothing other than giving Sanchez a second or third and long situation?  How about giving Sanchez more than two options in obvious passing situations?  This offense has become a complete joke and an argument can be made that the play calling is hindering the young quarterback’s development, not to mention killing his psyche.

Sanchez’ slump continues- Mark Sanchez had another rough game as he made several bad decisions, had a costly fumble, and a terrible interception.  Granted the offensive line did not help much as Mark was sacked 6 times.  A case can be made that Rex Ryan should have removed Sanchez as the kid was completely rattled in the pocket.  It is one thing to let a young quarterback work through his problems, it is another to completely throw him to the wolves.  The Jets are a win now team and there are times Sanchez plays like a win later quarterback.

Offensive line woes- The Jets offensive line was once considered a strength of the team which the ground and pound philosophy was built around.  The line struggled once again allowing continued pressure on the quarterback and failing to open holes for the running game.  Damien Woody left due to an injury but overall the line play has been sub-par compared to their standards.

Just catch the damn ball- The Jets receivers had an up and down day topped off by a huge touchdown drop by Santonio Holmes.  Gang Green’s receivers definitely do not do Sanchez any favors with their inconsistent hands.


Solid performance- It is hard to find fault with a unit that held a team to 131 total yards.  Gang Green’s defense had 5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles which helped the Jets win the field position battles. (Too bad the offense did nothing with it)

Question about rotation- Jason Taylor continues to get limited snaps as it seems like the Jets were saving him for third down situations.  Not for nothing but Taylor has been playing pretty well and always seems to be around the ball when something positive happens.  Several times the Jets pulled out Shaun Ellis and or Jason Taylor and replaced them with Vernon Gholston.  I understand the need to keep players fresh, but it is not like Vernon has been lighting things up.


This game was tough to watch and was reminiscent of a Herman Edwards performance.  The offensive game plan was horrible, the game management was terrible, and the time management was questionable.  It is time for Rex Ryan to take a step away from the microphone and figure out what the hell is going on with his team.  This team lacks an identity on offense, the young quarterback is struggling, and team is starting to head in the wrong direction.

I am not ready to label this another “Same Old Jets” season as Gang Green is still headed for the playoffs.  Once you make the tournament anything can happen.  But I will say this: Rex Ryan and his team are starting to write checks that they cannot cash and it is becoming embarrassing.  It is all fun and games when you are winning, but when the losses start to pile up no one likes a loudmouth.

Fire Sal Alosi- One final embarrassing note from Sunday’s game.  Sal Alosi, the Jets strength and conditioning coach, for whatever reason decided to stick his knee out and trip a Dolphins player as he was running down the field on kick coverage. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This act is not only stupid, irresponsible, and not to mention dangerous, but one that should result in the termination of Alosi. I do not care how valuable Sal is to the organization but enough is enough and this should not be tolerated on any level.  Talk about an embarrassment to the organization.  Alosi apologized to the Dolphins and to Jets management after the game but I can care less about that.  Time to go Sal, your bush league antic should cost you your job.

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