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Nick Mangold Press Conference Transcript 7/26/11

On Tuesday New York Jets All-Pro center Nick Mangold addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On how he felt when he heard the lockout was over…

“Excited. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back. It was weird. This was the first time since high school that I haven’t had football in the spring. It was weird and I didn’t like it, and it’s good to be back.”

On how he feels about the deal…

“From my understanding it was a pretty win-win deal. I think that cooler heads prevailed in the end. We were able to get it finished and I think there are a lot of good things in there for the players and some good things for the owners and I think that’s probably the best way to do it.”

On the offensive line heading into the season…

“We have a good core. It’ll be interesting to see how things work out with Wayne (Hunter) and Damien (Woody), if we’re able to bring both back, if we’re able to bring one back. I don’t know— I’m not privy to that information. But between (Matt) Slauson and D’Brickashaw (Ferguson) and Brandon (Moore) and myself, that’s a pretty good core. And if Vladimir (Ducasse) is able to step up if we need him to, he’ll be ready to go. In talking to him a little bit today, he seems ready. We seem to be in a good position and it doesn’t hurt to have (Bill) Callahan there coaching us, he’ll make sure we’re ready to go.”

On what he would say to the fans after the lockout…

“We appreciate them sticking it out. It was hard on everybody, the owners, the players and it was most hard on the fans. We appreciate their patience and we look forward to a good year of football.”

On the importance of continuity in the locker room…

“It’s important. I think that’s why we’ve done a good job of trying to keep a good core in the locker room. Obviously the NFL and the way that it is, things are going to change, guys are going to move on, there are going to be guys leaving, guys coming in and that’s just what everybody deals with. But I think we have a good core to keep the ideas that Rex has set forth for us and make sure that when guys come in, they fall along that line.”

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