Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings (Week One)

  1. Green Bay Packers (1) – The champs showed off an unstoppable offense on opening night.
  2. New York Jets (2) – the Jets showcased their trademark escapability on Sunday night.  This week should be spent correcting the reasons they spent so much time playing from behind.
  3. New England Patriots (3) – The Pats allowed too many points allowed to an average offense, but it will never matter if the passing game executes as well as it did in Miami.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles (4) – No contest in St. Louis for the ‘dream team’.
  5. Baltimore Ravens (6) – The Ravens turned a traditionally close rivalry game into a complete blowout.  This should be a wave they can ride for a few weeks.
  6. San Diego Chargers (9) – the Bolts defense clamped down McNabb and Peterson and may finally begin a season on the right foot.
  7. New Orleans Saints – (8) Can’t fault the Saints for coming up on the short end in Green Bay.  They played well enough to win against just about every other team in the league.
  8. Chicago Bears (NR) – The Bears handled a capable Falcon offense and got good play from a suspect offensive line Sunday.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers – (2) The Steelers barely showed up in Baltimore.
  10. Atlanta Falcons (6) – The Falcons were surprisingly inept on offense in Chicago.
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