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JetNation Week Seven Top Ten

  1. Green Bay Packers (1) – The Packers had little trouble with the Rams.
  2. Baltimore Ravens (4) – The Ravens will likely be 6-1 when they go to Pittsburgh, who will be looking for some payback after the week one drubbing.
  3. New England Patriots (5) – The Cowboys left Brady too much time to work with on Sunday.  It would have been more of a surprise if the Pats didn’t drive for the win.
  4. New Orleans Saints – (2) The Saints were a bit road weary on Sunday playing their third straight away from home.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – (7) The Niners play defense and run the ball well, and, after Sunday’s win in Detroit, they believe in themselves.
  6. Detroit Lions – (3) The Lions can benefit from being taken down a notch if they deal with their first loss properly.
  7. San Diego Chargers (9)With wins against the Vikings, Chiefs, Dolphins, and Broncos, Sunday’s game at the Jets will tell us much more about the Chargers than we know to this point.
  8. Oakland Raiders (10) – If the Raiders can get Carson Palmer, the AFC West will be a much more interesting race.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers – (6) The Steelers are still not playing classic Steeler style football, but they got a win Sunday with a lot of talented players injured.
  10. Buffalo Bills (8) – The Bills need to spend the bye week figuring out how to get a few more stops per game from their defense.
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