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JetNation NFL Power Rankings

  1. Green Bay Packers – (1) –The ’72 Dolphins are starting to take notice.
  2. San Francisco 49ers – (2) The Niners were impressive against a solid Giants team.
  3. New Orleans Saints – (3) The Saints have taken control in the NFC South.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – (7) The Steelers remaining schedule leaves them in great position in the AFC.
  5. Houston Texans – (NR) The Texans have been doing it without Williams and Johnson.  Now they need to do it without their starting quarterback.
  6. Chicago Bears – (NR) The Bears are protecting Cutler and playing great defense.
  7. New York Giants – (5) The Giants have the Cowboys on their tail and a schedule that nobody envies to close out the season.
  8. New England Patriots (10) – Despite all the noise out of NY, the Pats are again the clear leader in the AFC East.
  9. Baltimore Ravens – (4) Seems like the Ravens are capable of losing to any team in the league.
  10. Dallas Cowboys – (NR) Romo is healthy, and the defense hasn’t allowed more than 13 points in their last four games.
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