Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings

By Nick Ferraro

  1. Green Bay Packers – (1) – The next two weeks will be the toughest remaining for the Pack. If they get through trips to Detroit and New York, they will be in great position to make history.
  2. San Francisco 49ers – (2) It’s now eight straight wins for the Niners who have a five-game cushion in the division.
  3. New Orleans Saints – (3) The Saints are a dangerous team flying under the radar because of the Packers and 49ers.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – (4) The Steelers have the Browns twice and a visit from the Rams over their last six.
  5. Houston Texans – (5) The Texans had extra time to try to get Leinart ready for action.
  6. New England Patriots (8) – The Pats are on their way to another division title, but there are serious concerns once the playoffs start.
  7. Baltimore Ravens – (9) If they handle the streaking Niners on Thanksgiving night, the Ravens could run the table.
  8. Chicago Bears – (6) Cutler’s injury leaves the Bears in a terrible spot in a very competitive NFC field.
  9. Dallas Cowboys – (10) The Cowboys got help from the undermanned Eagles to pull even with the Giants in the NFC East.
  10. Atlanta Falcons – (NR) The Falcons are game out of the division lead and have to feel like they haven’t yet played their best football.
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