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NFL Power Ranking (Top 10)

By Nick Ferraro

  1. Green Bay Packers – (1) – The remaining schedule for Pack has to have the ’72 Dolphins worried.
  2. New Orleans Saints – (2) The Saints somehow lost to the Rams in October, but they haven’t lost since.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – (3) The Steelers put the Bengals squarely on the wildcard-only path.
  4. New England Patriots (4) – The Pats may find themselves with home field advantage despite their issues on defense.
  5. Baltimore Ravens – (5) The Ravens played smash mouth football with the overmatched Browns.
  6. San Francisco 49ers – (6) The Niners haven’t given up 20 point since week four.
  7. Houston Texans – (8) The Texans found a way to win with an unknown at QB.
  8. Denver Broncos – (10) Tebow made several big plays through the air in Minnesota.
  9. Dallas Cowboys – (7) The Cowboys find a way to play up or down to their competition each week.
  10. New York Jets – (NR) Is Gang Green waking up at the exactly the right time?  Considering their remaining schedule, they will likely be favored in each and should win out.
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