Round One Draft Notes

The Winners:

The Colts didn’t overthink this thing like some teams might have.   Sometimes it is as as easy as it looks.  Luck appears to be all he’s hyped to be.

The Redskins had to get into the top two no matter the price, and they did.  They have suffered for too long with QBs that barely qualify to be paid to play.

The Vikings moved back, still got the guy everyone thought they wanted and needed, and scored a few extra picks.  Then they got some secondary help they badly needed later in the round as well.

The Rams did a nice job trading back for more picks and still landing a highly rated player at a position of need.

Pittsburgh found a way to get the best player at a position of need despite picking mid-late round.

The Losers:

Cleveland got the best RB in the draft, but might not have had to pay so much to get him.  Don’t like the Weeden pick either.

Somebody send Pete Carroll a map. He’s lost.

The Broncos should have made a pick at 30. One trade down was enough.  They are no longer in rebuilding mode with Manning under center.

Cowboys made a good move to better that crappy secondary.  They still fall into this pile as their owner shows no class in touting how smart they were in doing it.

The 49ers overreached to try to fill a need.  How good would Vernon Davis and Coby Fleener have looked at opposite sides of the OL? Can you say missed opportunity?

The Gamblers:

Dear Dolphins: the fact that you really want a good quaterback doesn’t make the one available when you pick the answer.

Coples has a ton of skill, but don’t the Jets have enough head cases? I hope he plays up to his immense talent level.  This will go very, very well, or very, very poorly.

I hope the Titans are better than me at determining how much a WR’s success is due to his talent vs. his elite quarterback’s talent.  We’ll see.

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