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Santonio Holmes Injury Update 8/2

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Santonio Holmes spoke to the media on Thursday at SUNY Cortland.

On if he has any indication regarding when he will return to practice…

As soon as the trainer says I can get on the football field, that’s when I’m going to get on the field.

On nature of his injury…

Just tightness and soreness, a lot of running.  Nothing specific, body-wise.

On if it is a specific muscle…

It’s just a lot of running, a lot of soreness in the body.  It takes a few days to get adjusted to getting back into camp and wearing shoulder pads and getting back into football shape.

On if the tempo is cause for some of the problems with injuries…

I think the tempo is wonderful.  It gives us an insight to how the game is going to be played from the start.  (Coach Sparano) didn’t want us to come in and work on getting into shape.  That’s what we have the offseason (for) – to get into shape and he wants us full go 100 miles per hour every day and that’s what we have to prove for him.

On if he’s trying anything like acupuncture or massages to stay healthy…

I’ve done that more this offseason. Being seven years in now, I’m learning more how to take care of the body and talking with the coaches and trainers more.  So they’re getting a better understanding of who I am as a player and what I can and cannot do.

On if he’s been able to get that treatment here as well…

Oh yeah, the trainers make sure that we’re all taken care of.  On the off days, they bring in a special masseuse, to rub us out. (We can get) acupuncture, the whole nine yards.

On whether he’s been given a timetable for his return…


On if he did individual workouts today…

Today, I just did extended warm-up with Bill (Hughan) and listened to John (Mellody) who said just sit out today.  He said today was more of a short yardage and goal-line type day. (There is) nothing more for me to do on a day like today.

On if it’s frustrating that he can’t be out there…

It’s frustrating any day when you want to be there to help your teammates.  But I think moreso coaching the young guys and helping the coaches in that aspect really helps me as a player and helps the young guys at receiver.

On if its not a big deal for him not to practice since the chemistry with Mark Sanchez is good…

I wouldn’t say that because we want to be on the field with each other every moment that we can.  I think the more that we spend time off the field communicating we’ll get a better understanding of who we are as teammates.

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