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NY Jets Post Game Drill

NFL: New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks

New York JetsGoing into Seattle this week, Mark Sanchez was, statistically speaking, not the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.  If you go by quarterback rating and consider quarterbacks who have started all of their team’s games, Brandon Weeden holds that distinction.  But I bet you could not find one New York Jets fan that would not take their chances with Brandon Weeden right now. In fact, I personally would consider Brandon Walsh of Beverly Hills 90210 at this point.  Yes, I know this football team has so many problems to solve, especially on offense, is it really fair to single out Sanchez?  Nine weeks into his fourth season, I think it is more than fair. Because I am sure of one thing, when the Jets finally win their second Super Bowl it will not be with a quarterback that is currently on their 2012 roster. So while this or the next group of people in charge begin the process of fixing this mess, why not make the season more tolerable and make a change.  I don’t want to watch Mark Sanchez play one more down again this year.

I was disgusted watching a head coach I was once embarrassed to have at the helm of the New York Jets, Pete Carroll, out coaching Rex Ryan.  Although at this point, the embarrassment level for Ryan is at an all-time high as well.  Setting aside for the moment his mouth, his inability to have this football team focused and ready to play is his most monumental failure.  The missed blocking assignments, penalties, dropped punts, fumbles, just an endless parade of miscues that plague this football team rest squarely on the shoulders of the head coach.

It has been a real pleasure watching the Jets defense improve as the season has progressed.  But it’s disappointing when you consider that even an average offense would allow the Jets to be competitive each and every week.  The big concern for Jets fans should be this; can the offense get good enough quickly enough while this aging defense can still be this effective?

I have admired Joe Namath since I was a child. He is the reason I am a Jets fan.  I have always appreciated the loyalty Namath has exhibited for every team and coach he played for.  Alabama taped up a torn ACL and sent him out on that field each week and he still loves ‘Bama and Paul “Bear” Bryant.   So I am a little surprised how frequently Joe has criticized his old team in recent history.  His latest assault came this week when his comments accused the Jets of being more concerned about media headlines than winning football games.  He suggested the Tebow signing was prime evidence.  While I don’t necessarily disagree, I am not sure it is what I want to hear from the patriarch of the New York Jets family.  If Jets fans can’t count on something positive from number 12, I don’t know how we can survive the year.  The Knicks are 4-0 for the first time since 1993 so maybe that will help.

With the Jets now sitting at 3-6 and heading to St. Louis to battle the Rams next week then hosting the Patriots in two weeks, is it time to start keeping one eye on draft position?  It’s not even December and the next meaningful thing the Jets do as an organization may be in April 2014.  Unless, of course, Woody Johnson is looking for a new general manager or head coach in January.

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